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Dr. Ken Mayland

State of the Economy


Dr. Ken Mayland is President of ClearView Economics, LLC, a firm specializing in economic research and forecasting.  Ken was previously the Chief Economist of two major financial institutions (First Pennsylvania Bank and KeyCorp).  Graduating with degrees in economics from MIT (undergraduate) and the University of Pennsylvania (M.A. and Ph.D.), he has spent more than thirty years studying the business cycle and providing economic analyses to a variety of constituencies. 

Ken is a member of the Blue Chip Economic Forecasters and Financial Forecasts survey panels, and several wire service and newspaper survey panels.  He has been a past member of the Economic Advisory Committee for the State of Ohio under various Governors, and he has held several leadership positions with the National Association for Business Economics.  Ken is frequently quoted in the local and national media, is listed in Who’s Who in America, and has won several awards in recent years from the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago for “best forecasts.” As a member of the BusinessWeek Annual Economic Forecasting Survey panel, Ken hit the 2002 GDP, unemployment rate, and CPI inflation projections within a tenth of a percent.  Ken was the second best forecaster in USA Today’s forecasting panel for all of 2003.  Bloomberg Magazine (November 2004) identified Dr. Ken as the nation’s top forecaster (!) in its mid-2003 to mid-2004 tally of forecasts.  For the most recent forecast year (mid-2004 to mid-2005), Bloomberg Magazine (December 2005) had Dr. Ken as the best forecaster (tied) of the unemployment rate and the fifth best forecaster of the inflation rate.  In a feature article, Fortune Magazine (11/27/00) identified Ken (along with three others), “as one of the sexiest economists alive.” USA Today has once again identified Dr. Ken as one of the nation's top ten forecasters for 2005! (#7)


Walter Bond

All Buts Stink!


Walter Bond was never drafted by an NBA team but did manage to play for several NBA teams. Bond played eight years for professional basketball teams, including the Utah Jazz and Detroit Pistons. Before his career in the NBA, he played at the University of Minnesota and was known as the top sixth man in the NCAA at the beginning of his senior year. Unfortunately, his college career came to a dramatic end as he suffered a broken foot twice during his senior year. This left him un-drafted and unnoticed by any scouts or teams on the professional level. But Walter could not give up.

He spent the next season in the CBA, which is the developmental league for the NBA. He finished that year stronger, quicker and more determined than ever. He made the all-rookie team and found himself invited to a number of free-agent camps that summer. While playing for the Wichita Falls Texans, he was noticed by the son of Richie Adabato, then coach of the Dallas Mavericks. That fall, Walter Bond became the first ever rookie free-agent to start opening night, beginning his career in the NBA. In his NBA career, Bond played in 153 games and scored a total of 873 points. On November 10, 1992, in just his second professional game in the NBA, he scored a career high 25 points as a Maverick against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

Towards the end of his career, Walter became the owner of a national franchise which helped him get his feet wet in the business world.



Walter shares his basic fundamentals of success that are available to everyone. All Buts Stink!, is designed to help people regardless of age or position release themselves from mediocrity and position themselves to reach their potential and to be free from all excuses. How many times have you heard a friend, family member or loved one completely explain how they haven’t achieved their dreams and framed the explanation with the word ‘but’.


Eric Chester

The Aliens Have Landed - Meet Generation Why:

Understanding, Managing, and Motivating Your New Workforce


Ready or not, here comes Generation Why; 68 million Americans born between 1980 and 1994. With over 40 million 16-24 year olds currently employed, the future clearly belongs to those companies and organizations that understand and can connect with Generation Why. They do not see things like you do, and they cannot be recruited, trained, managed, and motivated using the same strategies and methods.

Look on the front lines of your business. Standing between you and your profits are those talented, weird-looking, impossible-to-understand 16-to-24-year-olds. And if you’re not connecting with them, they are not connecting with your customers, and you are leaving all kinds of money on the table. In short, your front line is the key to your bottom line.

This exciting and revealing presentation will give you an in-depth look at Generation Why and help you understand what they value and how they approach the workplace. You'll then learn specific strategies for working with Generation Why, giving you a decided advantage over your competitors. Nobody in America has a better understanding of Generation Why than Eric Chester, after all - he coined the term. For more than a decade, Eric has been working extensively with this generation and has personally addressed over 2 million Gen Why youth through his motivational programs. He's a Certified Speaking Professional and the author of the book Employing Generation Why - Understanding, Managing, and Motivating Your New Workforce. His corporate clients include Dairy Queen, Discover Card, Toys R Us, Bell South and The Council of Hotel and Restaurant Trainers.

Eric has appeared on Good Morning America and is frequently seen on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News providing insight, perspective, and strategies on connecting with the emerging generation.



Greg Hahn

Greg Hahn has parlayed his absurdly energetic, all out style of physical humor, one liners and crowd work, into an act with no waiting for the funny, just immediate pandemonium and panic. His massive likeability and wild stylings have led to numerous television, club, corporate, college and now theater appearances throughout the country.

Developmentally arrested, Greg was raised in South Florida where in high school he amused the Catholic nuns by poking holes in his pockets enabling pens and pencils to shoot out of his pant leg.

As a college basketball player his tendency for half court shots got him benched.

As a Captain in the Marines Corps, Greg kept his men highly motivated and could not overemphasize that camouflage is continuous.

While a buyer for Lockheed Corporation, he thought “Why make $200 a day, when I can be a comedian and make that in a week!”

After several serious jobs where he refused to be serious, Greg turned pro as a stand up comedian.

The career began with several months of brutal open mics and talent shows. He then landed the absurd gig as emcee for a lumberjack show at Six Flags Great America. This show supplied him with a microphone and four huge audiences a day, "I had to do jokes while a bunch of drunk lumberjacks ran around swinging axes. Our log rolling dog couldn't even swim, she would fly off the log and sink. We named her Splash.”

Soon afterwards, he worked as an actor in the Wild Wild Wild West Stunt Show at Universal Studios. "For $20 an hour, I'd run out, fall down a few times and get hit in the head with a stick. Loved it."

He continually honed his unique style of comedy and after several years of club work moved his career to New York City.

While in New York, Greg developed into a touring headliner and co-starred in the independent film Tomorrow Night which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Then, after successful shows at the Montreal and Chicago Comedy Festivals, Greg enjoyed hit television appearances on Late Night with Conan O'Brien (NBC), Premium Blend (COMEDY CENTRAL), Make Me Laugh (5 episodes, COMEDY CENTRAL), Louis CK's Pulp Comics (COMEDY CENTRAL), 30 Seconds to Fame (FOX), Cedric the Entertainer Presents (FOX) and Star Search (CBS).

When appearing on Star Search, Greg was spotted by Tom Griswold of the nationally syndicated BOB&TOM Radio Show. Greg has since established himself as a favorite guest on the show and currently headlines the Friends of The BOB AND TOM theater tour. COMEDY CENTRAL has filmed the tour for an upcoming stand up special.

Greg will also star in the much anticipated independent mockumentary "CHANGE YOUR LIFE" to be released in 2007.

Continuing to advance his career in film and television, Greg now lives in Los Angeles where in between shows and a few acting classes he goes ballistic on his drum set and destroys his friends in ping pong.



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