BSA 2021 Convention – Nov 14-17 / Reconnecting Essential Relationships / Naples, FL

Business Program

Reconnecting Essential Relationships

Mission: BSA builds essential relationships between distributors and manufacturers.

The Annual Convention brings together the top leadership of only authorized distributors and manufacturers of bearings and bearing related products and offers unparalleled opportunities to grow successful relationships with trusted supply chain partners. The 2021 Business program celebrates BSA's past and focuses how you, your company, and the association will prepare for the future of the bearing industry.

Monday, November 15, 2021

BSA Project Presentations

Product Information Exchange (PIE)
Scott Eiss, NTN, BSA PIE Template and BSA PIE Technology Platform Task Force Chairman will present an update on the PIE Technology Platform that performs automated data transformation and creation of PIE compliant, distributor ready, product rich content in a single, secure platform accessible by authenticated distributor partners who can access the dates 24/7/365 in a variety of formats including customizable APIs.

The BSA PIE Technology Platform makes rich content product data, including images and attributes, easily accessible to end users from authorized distributor websites.

Certification and Education
John Masek, Bearing Service, and CBS Task Force Chairman, will present the newly updated CBS Study Guide and Examination.

BSA Excellence Award Program
2020 Award winning products will be presented.

Monday, November 15, 2021

BSA Update

BSA Vice President Mitch Bouchard, General Bearing Service, Inc., will provide an update on Industry Trends as reported by BSA member distributors in the BSA PAR report.

Monday, November 15, 2021

ABMA Update

The ABMA will provide an update from manufacturers about bearing industry growth in North America and the world and will include pertinent data and lessons learned that relate to the future of the bearing industry.

Mack Dryden

Monday, November 15, 2021

Find the Humor and Achieve Your Goals

Mack Dryden, Comedian

With more than two decades experience as a pro comedian, Mack is a seasoned veteran at getting rib-busting laughter while never stepping over the good-taste line. He’s performed on dozens of TV shows, hundreds of radio shows, and thousands of live stages, delighting hundreds of thousands with his uniquely warm, hilarious, fall-down funny standup comedy.

From humble beginnings as “the funniest paper mill employee in Mississippi,” Mack earned a black belt in karate even as he was earning his Masters in Creative Writing. He won two Associated Press writing awards as a reporter in his home state, and finally became a professional comedian whose talent and perseverance landed him numerous TV appearances and got him hand-picked by Bill Maher to write on the acclaimed show. Now he spends his time writing (his humor column has won top prize in its category from Louisville’s Society of Professional Journalists two years in a row) and traveling the country bringing his special brand of Motivation, Inspiration and Jubilation to thousands each year. It hasn’t been an easy road; but, as he says, “Falling on your face is still moving forward!”

Justin Roff-Marsh

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

A Prescription for Growth

Justin Roff-Marsh, President, Ballistix

Justin will outline a radically different approach to the design of the sales department (and to adjacent departments). His central idea is that salespeople should do nothing other than selling conversations (exclusively in pursuit of new business) and that the rest of the organization should be designed around this end-state. He will challenge most (if not all) of the assumptions that underpin the standard sales model and equip you with a new model capable of accelerating the growth of your organization.

Justin Roff Marsh is the Founder of Ballistix, a sales management and marketing consultancy, specializing in the implementation and ongoing support. Ballistix builds sales and customer-service functions in keeping with the approach outlined in The Machine. Ballistix has teams in the USA and Australia, working on engagements all over the world.!

Joel Block

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Transform Your eCommerce Strategy

Justin Thomas, SaaS Director, Blue Meteor and Sanjay Agarwal, President & CEO, Blue Meteor

With over two decades of experience, Blue Meteor’s primary focus is on transforming B2B and B2C companies by establishing an efficient and effective eCommerce strategy builtd on the bedrock of product experience. They help businesses achieve this, combining the tenets of rich product content, data accuracy and completeness, customer-focused organization, and timely responsiveness to continual change. Justin and Sanjay will outline how your business can leverage the power of content to win big on the digital shelf.

  • Why is data sharing important?
  • Foundation of your program is based around good data.
  • eCommerce programs are accelerated from correct connect.
  • Why is the standardization of exchanging data important?
  • How they support large and small organizations.
  • Fireside Chat with Member Distributors and Participating Manufacturers.
  • Joel Block

    Tuesday, November 16, 2021

    Navigating Disruptive Business Trends

    and the Power Strategies to Make it Happen

    Joel Block, Disruption Futurist®, Hedge Fund Manager, & Venture Capitalist Bullseye Capital

    Joel’s a futurist, longtime venture capitalist & hedge fund manager (gobbledygook for professional investor) who lives in a Shark Tank like on TV. Initially a professional BlackJack player, counting cards and beating casinos in Las Vegas, Joel later built and sold his publishing company to a Fortune 500. Imagine how his cage-rattling keynote exposes Wall Street insights and the inside track on high-velocity innovation – empowering your team to predict and prepare for its future.

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    What They're saying

    • The BSA Convention offers the best opportunity for the leadership of distributors and manufacturers to grow their relationships and set strategy for mutual business growth. This year, attendance at the convention is a must for all of us, to be able to move forward and rekindle those relationships that have been compromised over the past year.

      – John Masek, Bearing Service Inc.

    • I thought assigned seating for Sunday evening was a great idea. The "team" event made it an even better experience!

      – Jeff Williams, General Bearing Corporation

    • Great convention. Liked the change in the business program. Speakers were relevant to our industry. Social events were fun.

      – Jim Fitzpatrick, Bearing Specialty Company

    • I very much liked the assigned seating, and felt that pushed people to meet each other - as a first time attendee, I liked it very much.

      – Charles Estermann, Weimer Bearing &Transmission, Inc.

    • This was the best convention I've attended because of the meeting structure, content, activities and venue.

      – David Zoesch,  Schaeffler Group

    • It was a beautiful setting, very well run meetings, and some excellent group activities. The camaraderie throughout the organization and the fact that relationships do matter was very apparent.

      – Scott Eiss, NTN Bearing Corporation of America

    Relationships Matter

    The Annual Convention brings together the top leadership of only authorized bearing distributors and manufacturers and offers unparalleled opportunities to grow successful relationships with trusted supply chain partners.