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BSA Conference Table Sessions

Tips for Distributors

It's true that Conference Tables are a totally different experience than visiting a trade-show or booth event. Experienced BSA members and participating manufacturers find the more intimate, one on one meetings an important reinforcement of essential industry relationships. So, if you have never attended a Conference Table Session, you will want to follow some of these tips for first-time attendees. 

  • Complete an "Attributes of a Great Manufacturer" scorecard for each manufacturer you will be visiting to make your conference table session even more productive. Click here to download and print a scorecard.

  • Be sure to attend the Welcome Event, Evening Events and Business Sessions-which allow for networking with industry members.

  • Use your time wisely for both business and educational purposes.

  • If you have any trouble making an appointment at a conference table, contact the BSA office for assistance. Allow the association to work as your partner to assist you in achieving your business goals at the Convention.

Remember, whether you are a conference table host or a conference table guest, the key to a successful convention experience is to plan in advance. Then, if you run into an unforeseen obstacle, call on the association staff to assist you. We are here to assure that you have a successful and informative convention experience.

If you have any questions regarding conference tables, contact the BSA office at or 630-858-3838.