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BSA Conference Table Sessions

Tips for Manufacturers

Conference Tables give distributors and manufacturers the opportunity to share their ideas and concerns with each other and to form new partnerships.

Here are some guidelines to help your company get the most out of its conference table at the BSA convention:

  • Send out invitations to all your customers/suppliers, and potential customers/suppliers, to let them know that you will be at the BSA Convention and that you would like to meet with them. Even if they are not currently BSA members, encourage them to attend the 2022 Convention. The invitations should have the name and phone number for the person responsible for scheduling your conference table appointments.

  • Complete an "Attributes of a Great Distributor Scorecard" for each distributor who has made an appointment at your table to make your session with them even more productive. Click here to download and print a scorecard.

  • Be conscious of BSA events taking place during the day. Do not schedule appointments during these events. It is important for your staff, as well as your customers, to attend these programs. Remember, this is a knowledge sharing event for you too.

  • Immediately fill out all of the requests for information sent to you by the association. This is particularly important when it comes to the information about your company that is scheduled to appear on the association's web site: All of this material has deadlines on it and it is in your company's best interest to adhere to these deadlines.

  • When it gets to the point that more requests for appointments are coming in and your time slots are filling up, be prepared to bring additional staff people with you to handle the overflow. Remember, there may also be some last minute walk-in or first-time attendees who do not have set appointments but who would like to visit with your company. Remember, whether you are a conference table host or a conference table guest, the key to a successful convention experience is to plan in advance. Then, if you run into an unforeseen obstacle, call on the association staff to assist you. We are here to assure that you have a successful and informative convention experience.

If you have any questions regarding conference tables, contact the BSA office at or 630-858-3838.